Announcing My Eleventh Book, “Making it Work”

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Earlier this month, by the grace of Allah, I self-published my fourth book on Muslim marriage, and it is called, Making it Work.

After my first book, Traversing the Highs & Lows of Muslim Marriage, which was published by IIPH, I self-published The Single Muslim, and The Muslim Newlywed myself, on Createspace. This is officially my fourth work on the topic of Muslim marriage.

The only difference is, and it is not a small difference, that I have evolved and changed as a writer, in both my thoughts and my writing style, since my first book was published back in late 2011.

You can consider it like this:

  1. My first book Traversing the Highs & Lows of Muslim Marriage offers a general overview of what Muslim marriage is about. It is written from the mind of a novice (I was 8 years into marriage myself, when I wrote it), and it provides general advice about different broad matters related to the practical aspects of marriage in Islam. It is a generalized guide to marriage in Islam, covering a little bit of everything.
  2. My second book The Single Muslim gives an exclusive look at what it feels like to be single, Muslim, and looking to marry. It discusses the many issues that a singleton faces before they actually get married, such as family pressure and cultural roadblocks. This book is also a recommended read for the parents of single Muslims.
  3. My third book The Muslim Newlywed discusses the start of the journey of marriage for newly married Muslim couples, and helps them adjust to the change that marriage brings into their lives.

All my books are based on simple, real-life-related truth and practicality. I do not sugarcoat my words or undermine the real issues that Muslims face, especially born Muslims who are culturally-rigid. I tend to be forthright as a writer, as well as in person, not mincing my words, or beating about the bush. Truth & honesty are more important to me than ‘courteous’ politeness that has the potential to be misunderstood, and this is clearly reflected in the content of all my books.

Now, a little more about my fourth non-fiction marriage book, Making it Work.

Well, for starters, it is a book that has been penned by a much more mature person, — whether speaking as a Muslim, woman, writer, wife, or counselor. It also has practical advice, but it covers issues that are probably faced more often by older couples i.e. those who have already traversed the first few years of marriage (pun, much?! Heh :D) and perhaps also have a growing family.

Nevertheless, even others, who may be newly married, decades into marriage, or still single, can benefit from the advice in this book, insha’Allah. Any benefit in it will be solely from Allah, and all mistakes are due to my own shortcomings.

Click here to buy it as a paperback from Amazon, which ships to many countries around the world.
And click here to buy it on Kindle.

That is it! Wishing you all a very blessed and soulful Ramadan. May Allah guide us all to do many sincere righteous deeds in it, all of which are granted His gracious acceptance.


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