Now Available: My Past Articles as Books on Amazon

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَانِ الرَّحِيمِ

It is very interesting, how time brings about change and growth.

I find it almost incredible to believe that there was a time – less than a decade ago – when I used to hope and pray that certain magazines and newspapers (both local and international) would accept my articles for publishing.

Well, alhamdulillah, things happened, and Allah blessed my ‘pen’.

typing-on-keyboard-1920x1440I grew and evolved as a writer over time (after having started off as a mere blogger), to the point that, now I actually find it difficult to write magazine articles, because of the changes that came about over the years in, both, my writing style as well as my trains of thoughts and mental ability to perform reflective analyses. So I have all but completely moved on from magazine writing.

Anyhow, over the 9 years spanning my writing career (which started in 2006), and after having transitioned a few times from writing for one publication to the next, I realized that quite a few of my articles were lying outdated somewhere online, on the worldwide web, perhaps buried under the sands of time. They were no longer current, yet definitely relevant.

To be a little more statistically exact, they numbered more than 300, although I still do not know the exact number (even though I have tried to count them all).

Yikes! That’s a lot of original content to be scatted around, isn’t it?

Anyhow, so I started to think about what I could do to consolidate all my past articles that lay scattered around the web, most of them on OnIslam, so that they could still be accessible and useful to readers.

The result of that thinking and planning is now here, alhamdulillah: my author page on Amazon!

The Self-Publishing Idea

Encouraged by an idea given to me by a reader (my dua’s for them, because if this endeavor is granted fruition, success and barakah (blessings) from Allah, then it will be such a great ongoing charity in their name), I decided to republish my past articles in chunks that centered around a shared theme, as paperback and digital eBooks on Amazon.

And before anyone wonders, yes I did sort out the issue of copyrights. 🙂

You see, it is quite one thing to read an article online, on your desktop computer, laptop or smartphone, and quite another to own it and other related articles in the form of a real paperback book, which you can read at your chosen pace and leisure, and later on store it in your library, or place it on your bedside table or desk at home, or carry it around in your handbag.

You can even gift such a book to someone whom you think will like it and benefit from it.

We all know that physical books are so much easier to access and consult for references, especially for those who are not tech savvy and who prefer not to use Google to find answers 24/7.

So anyhow, this year, with the help of Allah and after careful planning, I was able to republish some of my past articles as 4 books on Amazon.

Below in this post, I will give more details regarding these books. But before I commence, I want to discuss a few points:

  1. This self-publishing project is not a money-making venture for me. Like I said, I wanted my piled-up past articles to be available as books, and hence I started this endeavor. I ask Allah to grant it fruition and to accept it from me.
    But, please, do not start drooling with greed or turning green with envy as soon as you click on the links below and spot the US$ or other foreign currency signs next to my book titles (this request is especially for my fellow Pakistani’s, whose love and greed for foreign exchange is undeniable). I simply chose to use an available tool to make my past curated content available on another, new, international platform, accessible to book buyers around the globe. That is it.
  2. The details of the “how” of this whole project are all available at CreateSpace, – the free self-publishing platform owned by Amazon that I used, – which allows anyone, and I do mean anyone, to publish their writing (or photographs) in the form of a book, quite easily. You can click here and here to find out more about how to use Createspace.
  3. Please do not ask me how many copies I have sold, how much money I have made, and how the money reaches me. I dislike being asked personal questions about money.
  4. I have done all the work on this project myself. I did not hire any editors or other individuals to help me self-publish these 4 books. I am not saying this to boast, but rather, to inform everyone how incredibly easy it is nowadays to do things like this, given the free online tools available at one’s disposal.
    For those of my readers who were wondering where I’d ‘disappeared’ to, now you know what project was keeping me particularly busy this year. Since I do not enjoy editing (and since it doesn’t come as easily and naturally to me as writing), I had to work quite hard on compiling, editing and proofreading these books. Whew.

Now, on to the details of the four books.

Are You Ready for Ramadan? Make it Your Best One Yet!

Are You Ready For Ramadan Book CoverThis is a concise guide book about preparing for Ramadan, based on many of my past articles about this holy month.

It aims to help readers make the most of the blessed month, by brushing up on their knowledge of it before it arrives.

It also provides tips about the practical issues and challenges that every Muslim faces during Ramadan, such as time management, optimizing worship, managing small children, giving charity, and maintaining productivity.

Buy this easy-to-peruse book if you want to prepare yourself for benefiting as much as you can from Ramadan.

You can click here to purchase its eBook/digital version on the Kindle store, and click here to purchase the paperback.

Ramadan is just over 6 months away, so get your hands on this book if you can, before then. 🙂

A Little About Muhammad ‎ﷺ

By the grace and guidance of Allah alone, I had quite a few articles about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ piled up. The result: a book about him, aptly colored green.

ALittleAboutMuhammadThis concise book covers his beautiful character and actions, gleaning lessons for our own lives. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a man who held many roles during his life: that of husband, father, leader, mentor, trainer, friend, judge and teacher.

In all of these roles, his innate qualities of humility, compassion, justice and mercy towards others shone through, becoming instantly apparent to even the most apathetic observer.

This concise book aims to highlight his inspiring actions and statements during select incidents in his life, and the wisdom on which they were based.

Buy this book to find out a little more about the admirable personality and character of one of the best men who ever lived. Click here to purchase the eBook on Amazon Kindle, and click here to purchase the paperback.

The Single Muslim

Like I said at the start of this post, it is amazing how time brings about change, but you know what else is also amazing?

How some events and milestones end up happening in your life, despite your not planning them at all.

The Single Muslim Cover for KindleBecoming  a marriage counselor of sorts is one such thing that happened in my life after I began writing from home, a year or so into my own marriage.

I had never planned to go down this route. Nor do I think I am particularly qualified to give others advice about marriage.

Anyhow, the articles that I penned about marriage in Islam just kept coming over the years. It was the topic that my editors requested most often of me, especially once my first book got published by IIPH, which was also about Muslim marriage.

So I collected all my articles that were on the topic of being single in the Muslim world, which mostly discussed the associated challenges, and gave advice about how to overcome them, to both Muslim singles as well as their parents.

And along came my third book! 🙂

Here is its official description:

Marriage is considered the foundation of all relationships. Most Muslims ardently desire to get married, sooner or later in life.

As the years pass without a single Muslim finding the right person to tie the knot with, pressure from society and the increasing worry of their parents compound their own growing anxiety about the future.

If you are a single Muslim, or the parent of one, you should buy this book in order to benefit from practical tips and advice about how to handle this trying phase of your life: the harrowing search for that elusive, ideal life partner.

Click here to purchase the eBook on Amazon Kindle, and click here to purchase the paperback.

The Muslim Newlywed: Adjusting to Marriage

The fourth book that I self-published this year is for Muslim newlyweds. It talks about the challenges they face, especially the ones who hail from the South Asian a.k.a desi community.

This is officially my third book about Muslim marriage!  I had quite a few articles piled up regarding the challenges faced by Muslim couples during the first one or two years of their marriage, so I decided to publish them as this book.

This book is meant to help the younger married couples anywhere in the world stand up on their own feet after marriage. It is preceded by my first book, “Traversing the Highs and Lows of Muslim Marriage” (the one with the prominent red rose on its cover), and “The Single Muslim”, which has advice for young single Muslims who are ardently seeking spouses for themselves.

The Muslim Newlywed Front Book Cover

Here is the official description:

It is a well-known and accepted fact that the first few years of marriage are pivotal in establishing and strengthening its foundation.

The first years are also the most delicate and difficult, because making unintentional but grave mistakes in this time period can impart irreparable damage to the relationship.

This book is going to be a beneficial read for every Muslim newlywed out there, who sincerely wants to make their marriage work.

Please click here to purchase the eBook on the Kindle store, and click here to purchase the paperback edition. Kindle edition to come, insha’Allah.

Conclusion: May There Be More, O Allah

I ask Allah to make my intentions sincere, grant barakah (growth, ease, and blessings) to all my endeavors, and to accept them with His most gracious acceptance.

It is truly only HIS benevolence that I have achieved anything that I have so far. May He guide me to do even more, and more, and more….until the day I meet Him. 🙂


Please bookmark my author page on Amazon and keep checking it to stay tuned for future updates, insha’Allah. My think tank is on a roll, alhamdulillah.

In case you purchase one of my books, do try to leave an honest and unbiased customer review on Amazon, if you can. You’ll need to register.

In the end, I would like to say Jazakum Allah khair to all my readers whose support and sincere dua’s have contributed to my success as a writer.

5 thoughts on “Now Available: My Past Articles as Books on Amazon

  1. Reblogged this on Islam or Duniya – wots it gonna b? and commented:
    5/12/15. Salam.

    i 1st came across her article in the net when i was looking for a good article in the net on hajj. latet i tried 2 send out s copy of my wp publication 2 her but never got a response bcoz of the heavy censorship that still continuous. i like mashallah her style of writing which makes reading very simple n she puts effort covering relevant details.

    may allah guide her n make her successfull as an effective informative writer which she áspires. jazaki allah khairan.

  2. 5/12/15. Salam.

    mrs. sadaf,

    another nice writeup of yors mashallah. i hav reblogged it (

    i am inviting u 2 visit my blog page n take a look around. i wud also request u 2 read my last 2 posts:

    – In animal libido they trust
    – Y was guatanamo bay prison created?

    since i am under 1 of the most strictest cernsorships (even electronically), i wud appreciate yor suggestions given my unique n tricky situation since u hav long experience since 2006 with the publishing world whereas i got in2 it only in april, 2015.

    most likely eid ul adha is the mentioned blog where i used yor help. thnx n jazaki allah khairan.

  3. Congratulations Sister Sadaf, Congratulations on publishing all these books. I love that it is so easy to publish now a days and all the best to you and your family. I am not getting these updates from your site and was wondering if you were still posting. Glad that you are and keep writing! May Allah swt reward you for all your efforts.

    1. Thank you and Jazakillah khair Karrie! Good to hear from you. 🙂 I hope and pray that you and yours are doing well too.
      Please subscribe to my blog to receive an email whenever I publish a new post. The subscribe button is visible on the right side on the main page.
      If you ever purchase and read one of my books, do try to leave a review of it on its Amazon page.
      I think you moved to Chicago, right?

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