Patience: The Unattainable Virtue

If there is one thing very difficult to do, it is to be patient during trials. What is patience?
  • To not resort to any kind of negative behavior that could make you score negatively in your book of deeds. Such as? Complaining, being hopeless about things getting better in the future, being despondent of Allah’s Mercy and His answers to your dua’s, backbiting to others about the one who has wronged you, becoming lazy in doing constructive work/not keeping yourself busy, always comparing yourself to others who are apparently better off than you in life, etc.
  • To speak only positive things and think only positive thoughts is also part of patience. Allah’s help will definitely come, think and believe that. He will turn your distress into peace and your worry into happiness. He will give you contentment and success and peace of mind. He will get back at your enemies and give you great friends who are sincere. But first you have to persist in obeying Him and not doing anything against His Pleasure.
  • To never relent in seeking Allah’s Pleasure and Help through duaa, prayers and dhikr. No matter what may happen, or how tough life might get, or how many people might say, "Oh why is Allah not answering your dua’s?" one should always persevere in being obedient to, and bonded strongly with, Allah subhaanahu ta’aala. Every day of the week and every week of the month.

Now, isn’t it tough to practise patience? I guess it is the toughest of all virtues to incorporate in one’s life. This life is a cycle of good followed by bad events. Shukr during the good times, and sabr/patience during the bad times.

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