Gratefulness for Blessings

One does not realize how great a blessing is until it is taken away completely or partly. Something as "nominal" or "unimportant" as the electricity in the house, or the water in the faucet. When its gone, you realize, "Oh, what hardship there is without it, and what a great blessing it really is!"
We take so many things for granted. We think we deserve them, that’s why we get impatient and angry when it is not given to us in its daily measure as usual. We always remember what Allah has not given us. We are always preoccupied with what others have that we don’t. Like the better looks or the latest car.
As for what WE have given Him….that’s another story. We think, "I am such a good Muslim, I have done so much for Allah" or "I am such a good human being: I don’t lie, cheat, steal or kill; I keep the environment clean; I am polite to others; I deserve the best blessings and a great career; everything I own or achieve is because of the good deeds I do in this world; I am doing well at work because of the hard work I have put in…"
We will always remember the bakra we slaughtered as sadaqah in the way of Allah, or the daig of biryani we distributed to the poor, or the old clothes we gave away to the Masi, or the help we gave to our neighbourhood friend as a result of which he/she passed his/her exam with flying colours. We always recount and remember what we do for Allah, or for others, but never forget our misdeeds. Even if biting thoughts about it keep coming back to us time and again, such as "I did bad when I wronged so-and-so" or, "I have been very mean to XYZ lately," or "I feel so bad about lying at that occasion", or "I should not have yelled like that at so-and-so" – all these thoughts are from Allah, when He reminds us about them so that we can repent and seek His forgiveness for committing those sins. He gives us enough time to turn back and wipe them off from our slate of deeds.
But we are too busy cribbing about what we haven’t got in life yet. The Masood’s have moved to a new house; the girl-next-door is wearing the latest outfit. Boo-hoo for poor me. I am behind them in respect of this duniya.

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