Walking pitter-patter

Almost a year of carrying and/or rocking a bundle of joy….now it seems so utterly amazing that I just have to hold a small finger and lead ahead……pitt-patt pitt-patt go those small chubby feet as she tries to follow me with her small legs. Now she also understands things like "Come here", "pick that up", or "Give it to me".
Its the wonder of Allah’s creation! "O mankind! You are needy towards Allah, and Allah, He is free of all needs, worthy of all praise". If she weren’t developing her abilities, no power in this world could have made her walk, eat or communicate. Each day brings a new surprise.
Alhamdulillah!! Wallaahu Akbar.

One thought on “Walking pitter-patter

  1. Asalamualekum
    I am really impressed with all ur work here on the site…i wish all the muslim women think like u do…really enjoyed ur articiles..the reason i am writing is that i hv a little problem…i live in a joint family system and i dont hv any privacy…whatever i do or wherever i go my in laws ask abt it from my children ..they even ask the personal stuff..no matter how much i tell my children that its not a good habbit to ask ppl there personal things they do not listen instead they start hiding things from me dunno what to do in such a situation also my grand mother tells everything to my husband is a diiferent way thats her point of view …wud it b possible sister that u provide me with ur email address since i cant discusss everything on this blog…would really appreciate ur help……Jazakallah

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